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5/13/2013   Dr. Drew on HLN 8:00pm ET as we discuss if Jodi Arias has a psych diagnosis.
 Join me on Dr. Drew, HLN @ 8:00pm ET as we debate if Jodi Arias has a psych diagnosis
4/12/2013   Issues With JVM on HLN 7pm ET
  Dr. Archer on Issues With JVM on HLN discussing Jodi Arias's mental health tonight at 7pm ET.  Read his psychiatric insight blog.
2/19/2013   Dr. Drew on HLN 8:30ET discussing what's to blame for Mindy McCready's suicide -- fame, celeb rehab, guns? NO!
  Dr. Drew on HLN 8:30 ET discussing what's to blame for Mindy McCready's suicide -- fame, celebrity rehab, guns? NO! Read more on McCready's suicide. 
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4/22/2013   Scared Monkeys Radio, 4/22 @ 9pm ET discussing the mindset of the Boston Marathon bombers.
4/22/2013   Scared Monkeys Radio, 4/22 @ 9pm ET discussing the mindset of the Boston Marathon bombers.
 Scared Monkeys Radio as we discuss the mindset of the Boston Marathon bombers. Click here to listen to the psychological discussion.
4/4/2013   'Voices For Justice' on blogtalkradio April 4, 2013 4-5pm PT/7-8pm ET

Dr. Dale Archer takes your calls about the trauma families go through when a child goes missing. Families of missing teens Kayla Croft Payne, Raven Furlong and Kara Nichols join Dr. Archer for a candid conversation on BlogTalkRadio and Missing Children.

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8/12/2013   Psychology Today: "St. John's Wort And Depression"

St. John's wort is a natural herbal medicine that is reported to treat depression. Does it work, is it safe and most importantly is "all natural” better than a "pharmaceutical”? A psychological perspective.

8/5/2013   Psychology Today: "But... I Love Him!"
  The battered woman doesn't enjoy the abuse, but when faced with the thought of leaving, many victims give excuse after excuse. For those on the outside, it seems she's weak and doesn't want to help herself, but it's so much more complex than that. Through a psychological analysis, learn how to break the cycle of abuse.
7/31/2013   Psychology Today: "The Power Of Hope"
 If I could find a way to package and dispense hope, I would have a pill more powerful than any antidepressant on the market. Hope, is often the only thing between man and the abyss. As long as a patient, individual or victim has hope, they can recover from anything and everything. Read my psychological analysis of this power which is available to us all.
7/25/2013   Psychology Today: "Smartphone Addiction"
 With every passing day, technology is overtaking our daily lives. Regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, career or economic status, you're probably packing a smartphone right now. In fact, 56 percent of all Americans own one. I take a psychological aspect on how the phone, computer, tablet and other high tech devices have become not just an object, but for many a best friend.
7/24/2013   Forbes: Do The Protests In Brazil Hold A Warning For The US?
 The Pope’s visit to Brazil has caused a flare up in the protests concerning the wealth gap between the haves and have nots. The economic disparity between the rich and poor in the US is even greater. Could we be next? The psychological analysis is on Forbes now.
7/11/2013   Psychology Today: "Vitamin D Deficiency And Depression"
  Depressed? Relief may be as close as your nearest vitamin D supplement. I offer a psychiatric view on the correlation between the sunshine vitamin and depression.
5/24/2013   Psychology Today: "Zombies: Everything You Need To Know"
 Do you believe in Zombies? You should. A brief history and psychological analysis.
5/17/2013   Psychology Today: "Inside the Mind of OJ Simpson"
 Simpson wants a new trial. Does he think he's above punishment for his crimes? I give a psychological analysis of his recent legal actions.
5/10/2013   Psychology Today "Three Cleveland Women; Free At Last!
  Do you believe in miracles? Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, Michelle Knight rescued after ten years captivity. There's much to be said for the psychological benefits of keeping hope alive.
5/9/2013   Psychology Today: "Jodi Arias -- Guilty, Murder 1: A Psychiatric Analysis"
 Jody Arias is found guilty of murder 1. Does a psychiatric diagnosis explain why she did it? 
5/7/2013   Forbes: Emotions Are Not The Enemy Of Investors: Why Hotheads Prevail

At times like these, conventional wisdom tells us to take emotion out of the decision making. Investors shouldn’t make their moves based on fear or over-ebullience. Instead, they should calmly and logically assess investment goals and then put the plan into practice. This applies to everyone from professional investors and day traders to the long-term buy and hold individual. "Don’t get emotional about money” is considered conventional wisdom to be ignored at your peril- right? Wrong! Over the last five years, behavioral research is unearthing some fascinating links between emotion and rationality. Follow this link to read my psychological assessment.

5/6/2013   Psychology Today: "White, Middle-Age Suicide In America Skyrockets"
  White, middle-age suicide spiked 40% in the last ten years. Why? Check out the article to get a psychological insight to a very real problem.
4/30/2013   Psychology Today: "Is Jodi Arias A Battered Woman?"
 Jodi Arias's last defense: She was an abused and battered woman. Read more of the psychological analysis here.
4/21/2013   Psychology Today: "The Mind Of The Boston Marathon Bombers"
 Is being a "loser" now a reason for terrorism and mass murder? Click this link to read more psychological insight regarding the Boston marathon bombers.
4/19/2013   Psychology Today: The Boston Bombing and the War Against Evil
  The bombing in Boston has generated a public response that is right on so many levels. Once news of the tragedy landed in our consciousness with another sickening thud, with echoes of 9/11 and Oklahoma City still all too fresh, people across the country reacted as one with outrage towards the unidentified perpetrator, showing compassion and solidarity for the people of Boston. Click this link to read more psychological insight regarding the war against evil.
4/15/2013   Forbes: Why Are Small Investors Still Buying Gold? A Psychology Lesson
The Disconnect Between the Physical and Paper Gold Market
Last week saw the most precipitous fall in gold prices in almost two years. On Friday, on the Multi-Commodity Exchange of India gold suffered its biggest daily loss ever, and gold futures for June delivery plunged $63.50, or 4.1%, to settle just above $1,500 an ounce on the Comex in New York, the weakest closing since July, 2011.  Holdings in GLD the SPDR Gold trust ETF and the biggest exchange fund backed by gold bullion, hit 1,181.4 metric tons, the lowest in nearly three years. Today at the time of this writing gold is off nearly another 4%, trading around $1420 an ounce, more than a 20% decline from its all time high of 1923.70. Read the article on Forbes here A Psychology Lesson.
4/11/2013   Psychology Today: "Human Trafficking In America"

Human Trafficking is defined by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime as "the acquisition of people by improper means such as force, fraud or deception, with the aim of exploiting them."Sex is just one aspect of trafficking. Forced labor, slavery, servitude and even forced organ donation are other horrifying aspects of this disturbing and growing activity. Human trafficking rakes in an estimated $32 BILLION a year and is tied with arms dealing as the second largest criminal industry in the world (drugs are number 1). This should scare the hell out of each and every one of us. For some reason, it doesn't.

Think human trafficking is a third world problem that could never happen in America? Think again!  View the entire psychiatric advice blog.
3/30/2013   Psychology Today: "Does Jodi Arias Have Borderline Personality Disorder?"

As the shocking details of the Jodi Arias trial continue to cascade into our living room, everyone from armchair shrinks to casual observers has a theory on the mental state of the killer.

She has been "diagnosed” as: narcissistic, a pathological liar, bipolar and a sociopath (which I discuss in a recent blog). But, the most popular lay diagnosis recently is borderline personality disorder (BPD).

Arias is not the only high profile individual with the BPD label. There's also Casey Anthony, Sandy Hook school shooter Adam Lanza, Colorado shooter James Holmes and Robert Kennedy Jr.s’ wife, Mary. It’s almost to the point where BPD is the default explanation for anyone with inexplicable behavior. Does Jodi Arias Have BPD? 

3/29/2013   Forbes: "Heuristic Thinking and the Lesson from Cyprus"

Cyprus banks opened their doors yesterday with a strict withdrawal limit of 300 euros per person amid the fear of a bank run nationwide. They finally got their bailout deal earlier this week, yet Cypriots are still scrambling to take their euros out of the banks and even the most basic of transactions – like buying food at the supermarket – can only be done with cash. Those with more than 100,000 euros in their accounts face losses of up to 40% to finance the banks’ survival, and the public at large has, understandably, zero faith in their country’s financial system. More on Lessons from Cyprus banks.

3/15/2013   Psychology Today: "Is The Pope Obsolete?"

Judging by the surrounding stink of sexual abuse scandals, financial corruption and the intractable bureaucracy in the upper echelons of the Vatican under the European old guard, it’s been heading that way…fast. But the Cardinal conclave’s stunning decision to elect a simple man of the Jesuit order from South America may very well reverse the trend. In this increasingly secular age, read more to decide is the Pope obsolete? 



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