The ADHD Advantage
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"By framing ADHD as primarily a set of personality traits and a unique learning style, instead of as a disease or a disorder, Dale Archer moves psychiatry a step in the right direction. Written in an engaging style, the book is a refreshing change from the medicalizing of normal childhood difficulties.”

--Marilyn Wedge, PhD, author of A Disease Called Childhood

"By trying to suppress and medicate ADHD out of existence, we risk suppressing the gifts that are part of the package. Dale offers an array of useful and insightful alternatives for leveraging these strengths without the aid of a pill. Overmedicating...could dim the light that could be the next great business leader, explorer or innovator."

--From the Foreword by Allen Frances, MD, Chair of the DSM-IV Task Force, author of Saving Normal



As parents, children, teens and adults with ADHD, you deserve a brand new perspective about this diagnosis, as well as a range of prescriptions (not pills), to help you or your loved one identify the many strengths of this trait. By the end of this book, you will be able to develop a life’s path that fits, and enhance the best of ADHD to maximize potential in school, career, relationships and life.

For decades, physicians delivered the diagnosis of ADHD to patients as bad news, warning them about a lifelong struggle against debilitating symptoms. But in The ADHD Advantage esteemed psychiatrist Dale Archer explodes this myth. ADHDers – so often characterized as unfocused, disorganized, or unreliable -- are actually endlessly curious, resilient, visionary individuals whose ranks include the most successful entrepreneurs of our time. And these individuals have reached the pinnacle of success not in spite of their ADHD but because of it.

Filled with new science, cutting edge research, and real success stories, The ADHD Advantage offers an inspiring new way to view your or your loved one’s diagnosis. From embracing multi-tasking, to staying calm under pressure, readers will gain tools to harness the immense assets that come along with an energetic, creative mind. Archer proves that anyone can leverage their ADHD traits for success—all without medication.

As someone who not only has ADHD himself but has never used medication to treat it, Dale brings a unique perspective to this long-stigmatized subject. Using personal and professional expertise, The ADHD Advantage will teach readers to embrace their many strengths and incredible innate potential.



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