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Dr Dale Archer, Psychiatrist

Dr. Dale Archer is a Medical Doctor, board certified Psychiatrist and Distinguished Fellow of the American Psychiatric Association.

He was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. As a Tulane Scholar and Phi Beta Kappa, he received his BA in Philosophy with honors, and continued at Tulane where he received his M.D. from the School of Medicine. Dr. Archer attended The University of Texas for his internship in Internal Medicine and while there found his calling and completed his Residency in Psychiatry.

In 1988, he founded The Institute for Neuropsychiatry in Lake Charles, Louisiana, a clinic which now staffs 6 psychiatrists and multiple psychologists, therapists and nurse practitioners, who all treat a wide variety of mental health issues.

He has had a private psychiatric practice for twenty-five years, served as the medical director at various times for adolescent, adult and geriatric inpatient units, worked as a prison psychiatrist, served as an expert witness in many criminal court cases and was the corporate medical director for a nationwide addiction treatment group.

He is now the Medical Director for psychiatric services at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital and is the psychiatric consultant for the SW Louisiana Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) program which trains police officers in how to recognize and deal with mental illness. Recently he was appointed by the Governor to serve on the Louisiana Medical Advisory Board.

Dr. Archer is a media veteran with over two decades of experience. He has had three successful radio shows and a regional and internet based TV talkshow, "The Dr. Dale Archer Show". He has appeared on most of the top national news shows talking about various psychological issues related to current events, crime, behavioral economics, politics and more.

Dr. Archer has authored hundreds of articles, as well as the pamphlet Chemical Imbalance Depression. His last book, a NY Times Best Seller, Better Than Normal: How What Makes You Different Can Make You Exceptional (Random House) discusses our pop-a-pill culture and the over diagnosis, over-medicating and over treatment of psychiatric disorders and proposes a continuum theory for eight common psychiatric traits.

He lives in Lake Charles, Louisiana and is a regular blogger for Psychology today and Forbes. His next book, The ADHD Advantage: What you thought was a diagnosis may be your greatest strength (Penguin Random House) is now available.



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